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40 Before 40!

Well, I went to the doctor this week for the first time in 9 years.

Yep. 9 years.

Talk about a reality check. I’ve endured a long struggle with my weight. I thought I had conquered it about 5 years ago. Then my mom got sick and eventually passed away. You would think that would have opened my eyes. Instead, I became depressed and so the weight began to creep back on. I’m a pretty good actress, easy to plaster a smile on and laugh, but I’ve had an inward hurt that I’ve just realized is close to getting the best of me. So, a doctor’s visit was a must.

That visit showed me I’m sliding down a slippery path of depression, joint inflammation, and hormone imbalance that is only going to lead me to a path I want no part in—Antidepressants and a Fibromyalgia Diagnosis. That scared me!

I’ve had to watch my mom and many others dear to my heart pass away from cancer and other illnesses recently while I’ve been sitting back and taking my health for granted.

I’m ashamed, but not defeated.

For this, I have declared I will lose at least 40lbs before I turn the BIG 40 in May.

The Plan…

*I broke up with my longtime love, Diet Mt. Dew, a month ago. Been in mourning, but now that the headaches are gone, I’m not missing it as much.

*Exercise. At least three days of cardio and strength training.

*Diet. Eliminate the poisonous processed food I’ve become addicted to. It really is nothing but poison. Focus on the food choices God provides—lean meat, fruit, and veggies. Simple!

If you are in the same boat as me, just remember Jesus came that we would have life and have it more abundantly. If he has blessed you with health, rejoice in it and take care of it. If not, pray that He will heal you and give you the strength to make the changes you need.

I’m claiming my health, in His name! How about do the same.

I’ll keep you posted. Please keep me posted as well!!

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