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50 Before 40!!

Well, I set my goal and achieved it. As of May 8th, I’ve lost 50 pounds!

It’s been a long journey since beginning the challenge back in November, but it’s been well worth it. Yes, I feel much better. No, I’m not in perfect shape. But my goal was to take better care of myself, and that’s what I’ve accomplished.

So…As I sit here to share this with you, I am struck by more ways to improve myself. May 8th, I met up with a milestone with turning 40 years old. This got me to thinking…How many more milestones will I be blessed to meet on my path of life?

Seeing my two children graduate high school? College?

Witnessing their wedding days?

Spoiling my grandchildren?

None of these milestones are a guaranteed promise, so what can I do? I think my problem lies in the “doing” too much and not enjoying the milestones of my life.

Another goal I set this year was to run in some 5k’s again. I’ve done 2 with another one this weekend. Last night, I limped in from running and my husband said, “Welcome to 40!” As I slumped in the chair, it hit me that I’ve been running too busy of a life and am missing out on simply enjoying the milestones along the way. Glancing at my calendar overwhelms me, the phone ringing causes me to cringe with wondering who wants what now, and my never-ending “To Do List” gives me a stomach ache.

Do I have any amens and hand raises out there? Oh, I bet I do.

We are all guilty of this nonstop nonsense. Always on the go, but for what? So we can complain about how busy we are? (I complain too much)I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted by it, and I’m ready to set a new goal.

STOP! And smell the roses! And learn to say, NO! (In a nice tone)

My pastor, Mike Kinlaw, spoke on this topic during worship service just this week. God is not a God of confusion. And all that busyness is confusing and stressful. It’s not the life He wants for us. In doing all of this busyness, my joy has become tarnished.

Psalm 16:11 (NIV) You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.

It’s time to slow down and focus on the joys God has blessed to me. As with any goal, there has to be a plan of action…

1. Slow down on volunteer work. Don’t look down on me for this one. I have a problem saying NO, and now I find myself drowning in volunteer work so much so that it’s interfering with work and family. So, yes, slow down on volunteer work is a must for me.

2. Focus on my family. Quality time! Date nights with my husband. Fun nights just with my children. I think we get too wrapped up in the social group stuff and forget to do anything within our family group. They are my gift and I want to cherish them.

3. Set aside more devotion time. My time with God suffers from my busyness, too. Bible time and more quality prayer time.

There has to be a balance between all aspects—work, church obligations, volunteer obligations, family, self, health and fitness, spirituality… We tend to focus on one or two and drop the ball on others.

Figure out what works for you and do it. I’d love to hear from you on your struggles in this area and how you manage it!

(that's me in the blue and purple headband in the pic)

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