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Autism Awareness Month

In honor of Autism Awareness Month, I wanted to share one of my favorite characters with you. His name is Jace Wiles from A Discovery of Hope. He came to be after spending years seeing the world through the eyes of my stepbrother Jamie who is autistic and one extraordinary young man. Below is a small excerpt from the book.

Oh, and I’m letting you in on a little secret...

You will get to read more of Jace in Duke Harris’s story! Hopefully, I will have more news to share about that book soon!

As we eat, we patiently listen to Jace ramble on and on about robots. He has an unlimited knowledge bank on the subject. While listening to him talk, I’m finally able to see he has rich brown eyes. They are alight with excitement. I don’t understand most of what he is saying, but I guess I don’t have to, as long as he is free to talk. I see how important it is to him.

Jace Wiles has definitely captured my heart and has given me an appreciation for Autism. I’m grateful for the glimpse of his world he has shared with me—so innocent and so full of dreams. This little messy-headed happy guy has found an exceptional place in my heart, for sure.

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