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Overwhelmed with being Overjoyed!

Overwhelmed with being Overjoyed!

Yes, that title is a little odd, but that’s actually how I feel. So much has occurred in the past month that it’s left my mind spinning. You ever feel that way? Overwhelmed but from all good things? I’m so there this morning.

I’m back in my office after taking a vacation with my family to celebrate Nathan’s graduation. Within the same week, my son delivered his salutatorian speech, Lulu’s Café was re-released in mass market paperback, we left for a graduation cruise we’ve been saving for two years in order to go, and my husband and I celebrated our 22ndwedding anniversary. Yep, that was a busy first week in June, but it was all wonderful and great life events.

Now that I have a moment of solitude this morning, I’m able to reflect on it all and boy am I overwhelmed! These accomplishments have wrapped me in a warm embrace of nostalgia. Why a longing? I’m not sure. Maybe this feeling is that it all happened so fast that I was unable to take it in. I declare all I did was blink. Poof! It’s all done.

Thing about milestones is that there are more just around the corner to look forward to. Lydia turns the big 13 in two weeks. Nathan will begin preparing to move away to college and our nest will become uneven with him gone. I’m excited for these milestones but they also leave me with a desperate longing to find the slow-mo button. I’m good with not hitting pause. Just slow it down!

While I’m here reflecting and feeling all nostalgic, I also want to express a deep gratitude to each one of you who have celebrated these milestones with me. Having a book relaunch in the midst of the personal events would have been too much to take on alone. So very thankful and humbled by your support and enthusiasm! I’ve heard that you cannot pick your blood-kin, but you have the gift of picking friends. My harvest of friendship is bountiful. For that, I thank you.

A little book business…

I’ve not personally shared a blog in the last month, but have written several for guest posts on other sites. Below you will find the links. Some are served with humor and some on the serious side, and I wanted to share them with y’all.


If you go to my Facebook page. A pinned post will be there. Hit the share button and say done in comments for a chance to win a signed copy of Lulu’s Café! Again, thank you!

Summer Plans

*I am currently journaling and researching for a new book, Under Magnolia. Set deep in the south during a time span of the late 70’s to 80’s, it’s going to be on the lines of Lulu. Sometimes the subject matter will be hard to read, but it needs to be read. I will keep you posted on the progress.

*My hope is to have another book ready to publish independently by October. I have two books complete, just need to decide which one needs to be shared next.

*I’m also wrapping up the last edits for the third book in the Carolina Coast series. Tyndale House will begin releasing all three books, back to back, beginning Spring 2020. So, lots of stories are on the way. Thank you for your patience! I promise I’m writing in the midst of all the overwhelming joyful life events!

Blog links:

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