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Let's Get Together!

Hey y'all!

What a time we are living in... I pray that you all are doing well and not going too stir crazy. My family has combatted cabin fever by doing a few DIY projects and spending as much time in our yard as possible! I've also probably eaten my weight in chocolate, but I wouldn't recommend that...

I would love for you to come spend a little bit of time with me on May 7th, which is the day before my birthday! What better way to celebrate that than to chat with you! We will be discussing the book, and I'll be giving away a few Beach Haven themed door prizes at the end of our chat. I hope you'll join me! Click the photo above to join the group!

"Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works." Hebrews 10:24

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1 Comment

Janet Beck
Sep 14, 2020

I just finished reading Beach Haven. What a wonderful book. I laughed my way through so much of it. I have a particular comment re page 215, near the end of the 2nd paragraph: "He knew she deserved a better man." I'll bet a LOT of men in this world think like that. That line immediately brought to my mind a line I had read a long time ago in another book. I don't know why it keeps coming back to me at times like this, but there it was again. That line was "a father can ruin a son." Maybe it's because my ex ruined my son or maybe it's because my current husband's step-father did a ban…

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