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New Year, Same You

Every New Year, resolutions are in the air. The determination to make changes, set goals, reinvention, etc. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of that, but what if there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you just being you?

This year, let’s be different by being our same selves. Don’t get me wrong, tweaking or working on resolving some bad habits is always a good thing. Just… Maybe be more accepting of yourselves as is. The world wants us to strive to fit into boxes its labeled, typically in unrealistic settings.

So, I say, in 2021, let’s resolve not to change. Dare to celebrate our differences.

In my new book, Under the Magnolias, you will meet a group of people who have been deemed the First Riffraff of Magnolia. They’re looked down on as misfits, but you will also discover their differences unite to make for a spectacular group of individuals.

Being different looks different, yes, but its also a beautiful thing. I can’t wait until you get to discover this in Under the Magnolias in May and to discover it in your own lives. I say we resolve not to change this year. You be you!

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T.I. Lowe
T.I. Lowe
Jan 04, 2021



Janet Beck
Jan 04, 2021

OK. I'll try to be me, even though I've noticed that since March of 2020, that I'm more impatient than ever before, thanks to this blasted virus junk & the fear it's exposed. It's hard to stay focused on the "now" & enjoy the "now" moments of our daily lives when all around us the world is going crazy. Our preacher at church yesterday spoke about Matthew 6: 25-34. We are not supposed to worry....about anything, as I read it & understand it. We are to give & pray about all our worries & problems to God. Yet, worry seems to be paramount & rampant as many shut down their lives & thus, the lives around them too. I qu…

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